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Oct 8, 2021

Why are you stuck?  Why are you stuck in a job that doesn't accelerate your potential?  Why are you in a relationship with a toxic person? Why are you telling yourself that everything is "ok" when it is not ok?

Today we are talking CHANGE on the #obsessedpodcast.  

We tend to feel comfortable in our own space and when we are comfortable we do not grow.  You cannot grow in the status quo. 

Our brains do not like change.  They like patterns.  So when we start changing our patterns this is when things get wonky. 
Listen to this episode and let us know what change you are seeking.  

DM us on Instagram @crown_compass girls with your insights and questions, we will be reading them on air!

Why does change feel so uncomfortable?

Why do you fear and resist change so much?

Many people spend a great deal of effort trying to avoid change, but it will inevitably catch up to you. 

It is necessary for growth, be it positive or negative.

In this episode, you will learn the stages of change and some valuable tips on how to prepare yourself and take action from our hosts, Julie, Tia, Tristin, and Mika.

What you will learn in this episode:

03:43 - Why do we resist change?

05:14 - Changing old habits and patterns

07:12 - The Stages of Change

09:12 - The right mindset for change

10:21 - Building good habits

13:03 - How to sustain the changes you made in your life

14:56 - Why internal motivation is important

17:06 - How to live intentionally

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