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May 28, 2021

Do you feel you need to start eating more veggies? Or are you a dedicated vegan?  Whatever stage you are in your health journey, start thinking about incorporating more plant-based foods.

Meet Mika Altidor, co-host of the #obsessedpodcast, author of the Chasing Vegan Cookbook, self-esteem coach, and Award-Winning Baker.  Mika has it all, but it was not always this way.  Not so many years ago Mika struggled with a life-threatening illness and attributes her recovery to going vegan.  Her story is inspirational and one everybody must-hear. 

Recently, Mika Altidor was featured in the premier vegan magazine, VegNews. 

Read the article here:

The VegNews Article on Mika Altidor

Check out Mika's bakery!  Her recipes are mouthwatering!

Victor + Mika's Bakery

And don't forget her book- Chasing Vegan!

Chasing Vegan-Get The Book Today!


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