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Oct 28, 2021

Are you a mom or a parent who wants to get out of burnout and start living your best life? In this episode, our guest Melissa Punambolam gives us some tips on how you can get out of the rut of burnout and start living your best life!

Melissa explains why mental health issues among women have existed even before the pandemic. She adds that women have been overworked and have suffered an overloaded mind, body, and soul for decades, if not centuries.

She reveals that everyone can lay ridiculous expectations on us.  But if we do not hit the pause button and stop to ask ourselves the three questions (listen to this episode to find out), the habits and patterns become unmanageable.

Melissa shares that for us to recover from burnout, it starts with true inner reflection.  It goes back to answering the simple questions around "How am I doing?"

Melissa is the Founder of a multi-service company helping overwhelmed mothers regain 7 hours a week and create balance without feeling guilty, offloading their kids or booking escape getaways. She believes that whole-life wellness is possible but necessary.

What you will learn from this episode

02:06 - What Melissa Punambolam is Obsessed With

02:58 - Burnout Trends Among Women

07:52 - Should We Hold Our Family Members Accountable?

13:18 - What Makes Melissa a Burnout Expert

17:49 - How to Prevent Burnout and to Recover From Burnout

20:36 - Melissa’s Lightning Round

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