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Apr 22, 2021

Are you feeling job burnout or are you just mentally and emotionally tired? 

A funk can be stressful and which often spirals into off-days. We all have our off days from time to time. You are not alone. 

Today we chat about how to reduce stress and anger and how to energize your life. 

A mindset shift is everything. Your happiness depends on you and only you. 

Today you will hear little tips on how to be happy when sad and how to beat seasonal depression. 

There are simple actions that can put a positive spin on things, and how to feel good every day even when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. 

Here's what you will learn: 

03:40 - Comparison Is The Thief of Joy

04:16 - Getting rid of the 4 Cs

06:44 - Making comparison as a tool for inspiration.

07:38 - How authentic connections can help you get out of a funk

10:49 - The power of gratitude and how this mindset shift can change everything.

13:42 - How exercise can help you get out of a funk and reduce burnout

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