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Nov 29, 2021

Tatiana Vilarea joins us in this episode of the #obsessedpodcast to discuss how we can overcome imposter syndrome and set ourselves up for success. She shares that our culture tells us that we need to achieve success and show the world about it, yet this causes many people to feel incapable of doing so.

Although imposter syndrome is a natural psychological response, it's also a state of mind that we can change by getting the right help and solution, as she explains.

Tatiana recounts her own experiences with having self-doubts and emotional blocks such as fear of visibility and public speaking, among others. She also talks about her simple hypnotherapy techniques that helped her clients, and these techniques can help you, too!

Tatiana is a transformational hypnotherapy specialist, intuitive, and inner success coach with 10+ years of experience working with emotional healing and trauma. Outside of her work, she is busy pursuing her passion for spirituality, psychology, and personal development while traveling the world for the last 4.5 years.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

01:59 - What Tatiana is Obsessed With 

03:59 - Defining Trauma 

07:02 - Hypnotherapeutic Methods

08:40 - Hypnotic State

12:05 - Working with Clients 

17:50 - Linking Back to Seven Generations

21:43 - Helping Clients Get to the Root of Emotional State

25:32 - Becoming Self-Aware and The Experts in Who We Are 

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