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Dec 3, 2021

We are taking a break. Yes-this is true. We are taking a break from Obsessed because we are gearing up for 2022 and Season 2.  Season 2 promises to be bigger and better and will give you the tools to do your life differently!

Think of a word that you can use for 2022 to navigate your life differently.  2022 is a big year and you have possibilities that are infinite. 

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--> Get ready to change the world in 2022. 

If you have ever considered podcasting-check out the growing network of Femcasters (it is free for a limited time).  Learn to use your voice, grow your passions and even start a podcast of your own!


We’ve all heard the phrase “girl power,” but what does it really mean? With Femcasters, Corinna Bellizzi and Julie Lokun leverage the intersection of feminine wiles and ferocious female power to elevate and support the voices of sister silence-breakers GIRL WIDE. With 6 boys between them, they’ve learned a thing or two about balancing the demands of motherhood (in homes bursting with male energy) with their passions and professional pursuits — all while leaning into their sacred feminine power.

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