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Oct 25, 2021

Laura Sexton is on a mission of teaching people about money.  And she shares how we can be financially free in this episode.

Shockingly, only 30% of US households have a long-term financial plan, and the average amount in savings among Americans is $7,000. Furthermore, less than half of the Americans have less than 10,000 in their retirement.

Laura talks about the generational money habits and how we can break them and teach kids about money. She also discusses the importance of investing and finding the balance between your life and your finances.

Laura is a Financial Coach. She helps families take control of their finances; start paying for the past and start saving for the future.

What you will learn from this episode

02:55 - What Laura Sexton is Obsessed With

04:21 - Why Many People Don’t Like to Talk About Money

06:28 - How Laura Started on Her Mission

13:28 - How to Break Generational Money Habits

17:27 - Finding the Balance in Life and Finances

20:04 - Teaching Kids to Be Generous

21:25 - Should You Find a Partner With Only a Good Credit Score?

24:34 - Laura’s Investment Strategy

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