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May 27, 2021

In this week's episode, let's enter the many minds of Scott Gazzoli.

Scott is the host of Causing The Effect podcast. 

He always had the urge to help others and believes his show can transform people's perspectives and limits.

Scott is a CPA and the Managing Director of The Quest Organization, a boutique advisory firm that caters to the needs of High Net Worth Individuals and Families. 

Scott is also a comedian by night!

Join us as we unravel Scott's mind on topics of fear, regrets, change, and the balance of the good and the bad.


01:52 - Getting to know Scott Gazzoli

06:12 - How fear holds us back

10:23 - Getting into the right mindset

12:02 - How to become successful sooner

12:34 - Surrender to more mindful goals

13:24 - Fear of judgment

15:03 - Aligning actions with your core values

18:03 - How fear played a part in Scott’s relationship

20:54 - Scott’s encounter with change

22:34 - Limiting words

25:10 - Balancing good and bad in life

27:43 - Regrets

29:43 - Choosing uncomfortable situations for a bigger goal 

Learn more about Scott Gazzoli: 

Causing the Effect Podcast - 

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